Add-On: Presentation Publisher for SharePoint by Syntergy

Add-On: Presentation Publisher for SharePoint by Syntergy

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Add-On: Presentation Publisher for SharePoint by Syntergy

Product Summary

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Optional Add-on for Replicator by Syntergy. Provides the ability to replicate the look and feel elements to remote servers.

Visual Elements Replicated. Many environments allow each of the remote SharePoint servers to have a different branding. When the layout and look and feel changes, replicator does not ship any of these items to any remote server. Presentation Publisher adds the ability to have these elements replicated to remote servers where there is a need for the presentation, look and feel to be the same.

Selective Replication.
Utilizing Replicator, the various presentation elements can be added as an event for replication. Views, themes and site settings can be individually selected for replication at the push of a button. The layout of web parts and the applicable settings are also available to be queued for replication. 

Features Include:

  • Integrated into SharePoint user interface
  • Replicates views, navigation elements, site settings, themes and web part layouts
  • Enhances the tools page of Replicator
  • Provides additional queuing options for pushing existing data to remote servers
  • Utilizes replicator infrastructure for network challenged environments

Look and Feel Elements Replicated - Users that are given control over the web part layout will have their changes replicated to other participating servers.

Manual and Automatic Operations - No need to have central administration rights or access to administrative accounts. Selective replication of specific elements either at the push of a button or based on a schedule is available.


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