Review of the Pluralsight's Course "Advanced SharePoint 2010 Branding for Web Designers"

Written by Stephan Onisick. Posted in Deploying SharePoint

I almost overlooked this gem of a course in the pack of 57 SharePoint Courses on The title sounded similar to at least four other courses in the SharePoint Curriculum on I’m glad I didn’t and chose instead to review it in depth.

It is hard in the midst of so many good courses to keep them all differentiated. At this time, Pluralsight lacks a personal history navigation interface: one where you can tell at a glance the courses taken and the current state of your progress in a given course (Hint! Hint! Pluralsight!). Yes, there is a “Your history and bookmarks” displayed under your login name - but it only bookmarks the last 10 courses you’ve visited - barely a month’s worth for some of us more avid users!

The Power of SharePoint Web Services. Now in the Browser!

Written by Jim Bob Howard. Posted in Deploying SharePoint

review4 (Rating: 5 out of 5)
Javascript is a powerful client-side scripting language that allows a developer to do some great things at the presentation layer. jQuery is a robust library that allows a quasi-developer / super user to walk through the DOM with simple commands that wield incredible Javascript power.

Virto's Workflow Activities Kit Gets 5 Stars at a University

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review5 (Rating: 5 out of 5) by Kevin Gunther-Canada, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Working in higher education, I see the need for business process automation on an almost daily basis. Unlike traditional businesses, academia is a difficult environment to attempt to create or impose standardized automated business processes in any real way, since such institutions tend to be highly decentralized and complex environments. SharePoint is a tool that seems to have been developed to address these kinds of business needs: it offers a foundational architecture that suffers from relatively few of the restrictive rules of turnkey solutions, while still providing much of the flexibility of custom-developed applications to address the myriad of unique needs academic institutions tend to have.

TunnelPoint: The BDC for SharePoint in the Cloud

Written by Jaap Vossers. Posted in Deploying SharePoint

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TunnelPoint is a hosted service provided by Zevenseas. It connects external services (for example SOAP web services) to SharePoint List data in your SharePoint Site. TunnelPoint uses the built-in SharePoint SOAP web services exposed by your SharePoint environment to read and write list data. Really, all you need to do is log in to TunnelPoint using your TunnelPoint account and use the web interface provided to configure which external services should map to which lists in your SharePoint site.

"How Long Does a SharePoint Project Take?"

Written by Andy Dale. Posted in Deploying SharePoint

howto We had a phone call at Officetalk this week that caused a lot of debate. The caller simply asked “How long does a SharePoint Project take for 250 users?”.  Based on my own experience SharePoint Projects can vary considerably and in fact we have recently completed a project in just ten days, but have another project that has already exceeded six months and is still not ready to Go Live...

CorasWorks SharePoint Applications: Build Better. Faster.

Written by Nilesh Mehta. Posted in Deploying SharePoint

review5(Rating: 5 out of 5)

CorasWorks offers a set of two great products that sit on top of Microsoft office SharePoint Server 2007 and help you to take full advantage of your SharePoint implementation. I have used Corasworks components at a few clients including one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

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