Deploying SharePoint Workflows: How to Cut Workload and Minimize Risks

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SharePoint workflows are great at streamlining and tracking processes, ensuring their compliance, and automating tasks. Workflow automation is a must for all companies wishing to have their internal methods functioning smoothly and effectively. It makes sure that a process runs in the correct way, allows to track its current state, and speeds it up by delegating many tasks from people to computers. Things that used to be done in days now take hours. SharePoint workflows is a popular tool to help you achieve this goal. However, there are some limitations that can cause deployment challenges. Fortunately, prospective planning and good communication with business users offer a nearly 100% chance of success.

Incredibly User Friendly SharePoint CRM by Lookout Software

Written by Ron Charity. Posted in Business Solutions

CRM is all about having a model (methodology) for managing your company’s interactions with current and future customers. It involves using processes, policies, and technology to organize, automate, synchronize, and ensure the data quality of an organization’s sales, marketing, customer service, technical support, and the real customer relationships that drive all of these. In an interview with Kerri Groves from Lookout Software, she said that a well-run CRM program considers culture, processes, policies, and tools, and can benefit your organization in many ways.

Top-notch Intelligence Behind the SharePoint Form, Empowered by KWizCom

Written by Ron Charity. Posted in Business Solutions

SharePoint 2013 offers a quick and simple forms solution that provides basic data capture but isn’t dynamic (smart). What I mean by that is security trimming based on role/security and presenting fields based on context. Specifically, to add such functionality requires InfoPath and custom code. The SharePoint Team Blog has a great article that covers forms and the options available from Microsoft. For organizations that choose not to follow one of the options (and there are good reasons not to such as requiring developers and lead-time), companies such as KWizCom offer an off the shelf product you can install, learn and hit the ground running quickly.

Applying CRM Best Practices to SharePoint

Written by Ron Charity. Posted in Business Solutions

If you are thinking about deploying CRM solution for your organization, there are many considerations - culture, processes, policies, people, and technology. If you read our latest review of SharePoint CRM by Lookout Software, you understand what it can do for you. SharePoint creates a great, flexible platform for deploying a fully-loaded CRM for your business users.

Here are some points to think about when developing your program:

Baby-Stepping Your Way into Project Management with SharePoint 2013

Written by Christian Buckley. Posted in Business Solutions

After spending the first 15 or so years of my career largely in Project Management roles, I'm sort of a PM junkie when it comes to books and tools and methodologies of how to move something from ideation (PM wonk term for idea creation, or initiation phase) to delivery and, ultimately, support. When Arpan Shah moved from the SharePoint product team at Microsoft over to Project Server (he's now working on Office365), I shared some advice with him (which I'm sure he doesn't remember): don't try to solve too many problems at once, but simplify the tool.

Product Review: BrightWork 11 Brings Unique Features to Market Solidifying Its Offering

Written by Mike Ferrara. Posted in Business Solutions

In its simplest form, BrightWork is a product aimed at work, project and portfolio management on SharePoint. In its eleventh release, BrightWork has solidified itself as a strong player in the project management space on SharePoint. It’s packed with a bevy of features you’d expect to see in a PM tool that provide for many use cases when looking to simplify the complexities of managing projects on SharePoint. In this review, I will highlight some of the new features in this release that I think are worth investigating when deciding on what product to choose.

Product Review: EPM Live - Enterprise Project and Work Management for the Masses

Written by Joel Oleson. Posted in Business Solutions

SharePoint has been sold as both an application and a platform.  One of the biggest challenges in SharePoint deployments is often finding the core scenarios.  It’s easy to say it’s a portal, search, or collaboration.  What should it really be used for?  Is it a collaboration platform? Is it a portal?  Is it an ECM publishing site?  With EPM Live there is no guessing.  The rich enterprise project and work management solutions plug right into your SharePoint environment and provide the key scenarios.  In the case of EPM Live, it’s not about widgets and web parts.  It’s about full end-to-end enterprise project and work management that beat the likes of expensive line-of-business systems, which require additional hardware and specialists.  Why not take advantage of your existing investment in SharePoint for your EPM needs?  That’s exactly what EPM Live is positioned to do.

Product Review: Real Time Collaboration on SharePoint with Sazneo

Written by Joel Oleson. Posted in Business Solutions

I recently spent some time with the people from Sazneo. The first thing I really noticed was their emphasis on providing real time actionable communication. They are focused on decision making and the ability for teams and people to communicate real time in the context of their data without having to factor in time zones or distance. Rather than taking you out of SharePoint, this tight integration provides rich chat and communication right in the SharePoint interface. If you've got users on the go, there's an iPad, iPhone, Android or BlackBerry web app to keep you connected.

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