SharePoint and Outlook Integration Drives User Adoption

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In today's business environment, facilitating collaboration and providing ready access to important information is a necessity. For organizations that have chosen SharePoint as their enterprise content management system, extending its functionality through SharePoint/Outlook integration can drive immediate adoption gains.

While SharePoint 2010 is a step forward in ease-of-use, in some cases, users may prefer working in Microsoft Outlook to SharePoint. With effective Outlook to SharePoint integration, users can manage email with SharePoint the way they do with Outlook; for example, by seamlessly dragging and dropping email and attachments to SharePoint.

In other cases, users who work outside the office over slow or intermittent connections may need to access SharePoint offline. By providing these users with a SharePoint/Outlook integration tool, they can easily interact with SharePoint, sharing and saving important documents, contacts, and data, all through the familiar Outlook interface. By allowing workers to store and edit SharePoint content locally, enterprises can be sure that all their users always have access to the latest information. The best solutions also offer Outlook to SharePoint synchronization options. Depending on network connectivity, files and emails can be immediately uploaded from Outlook to SharePoint, or cached for automatic Outlook to SharePoint synchronization the next time users are online.

By offering several points of integration, tools that extend SharePoint email management capabilities drive operational efficiency by allowing users to stay working within tools they know, without context shifting. SharePoint-Outlook integration points should include document libraries, lists, metadata, views, and content types.

One such product is Colligo Contributor Add-In for Outlook providing functionality of SharePoint and Outlook integration. It delivers instant 2-way access, both online and offline, to SharePoint libraries and lists — all from within the Microsoft Outlook interface. Users can interact directly with SharePoint via the Outlook interface with full email and attachment drag-and-drop, automatic metadata extraction, right-click capabilities, and online and offline access.

Colligo offers a free trial of their SharePoint and Outlook integration tool.

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# Alfred Carter 2013-12-25 20:45
We are using third party tool called PageLight for SharePoint Outlook Integration which provides drag and drop functionality of emails from Outlook to SharePoint. Other features includes Save Outlook emails to SharePoint and also moving files/folders from file share.
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