SharePoint for Knowledge Management

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I’ve attended many conferences and sessions about knowledge management and SharePoint over the years, and have come to realize that there is a lot you can learn from the knowledge management community as a whole. While broader in scope and essentially independent of SharePoint, knowledge management presents many great concepts that are highly relevant and applicable to SharePoint design and governance. In fact, knowledge management should be a high-level design goal for any information system architecture.

Product Review: Increase Adoption and Simplify User Experience with for SharePoint

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One of the most important words in any user adoption strategy with SharePoint is streamline, a.k.a., integrating SharePoint processes into your existing workplace culture.  I’ve been using for SharePoint for the last few weeks and wanted to share my thoughts and impressions.  By the way, is pronounced ‘harmony.’ (For those of us that get thrown off by the .ie top-level domain, it’s far from Ireland - the corporate offices are in California.).

SharePoint and Outlook Integration Drives User Adoption

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In today's business environment, facilitating collaboration and providing ready access to important information is a necessity. For organizations that have chosen SharePoint as their enterprise content management system, extending its functionality through SharePoint/Outlook integration can drive immediate adoption gains.

While SharePoint 2010 is a step forward in ease-of-use, in some cases, users may prefer working in Microsoft Outlook to SharePoint. With effective Outlook to SharePoint integration, users can manage email with SharePoint the way they do with Outlook; for example, by seamlessly dragging and dropping email and attachments to SharePoint.

Avoid Legal Problems: e-Discovery with Version Search for SharePoint 2010

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new-product  If your company is using SharePoint 2010, your business benefits from its rich collaboration abilities and content management capacity. Departmental SharePoint sites multiply and grow, content is structured and classified, documents are shared, and collaboration and team work flourishes. You are getting great results – and then something goes wrong. Here is one of the examples: In January 2011 Delaware’s Chancery Court ordered defendants in the case of Victor Stanley, Inc. vs. Creative Pipe, Inc. to pay over $1 million in damages for the willful loss and destruction of electronically stored information.

Improving Time Management and Planning at Windana Society

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accelerateBusiness Case Study: Australian not-for-profit organization Windana Society chose Virto Ajax Calendar as a solution for a set of planning related issues.

The Windana Society ( is a non-profit organization with more than a hundred employees working in the drug and alcohol recovery sector, based in Melbourne, Australia. The adopted business processes required to provide employees with a tool that would allow them to immediately find out who is available for a project at a particular date and time ...

Field Level SharePoint Security for Help Desk at Wisag

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accelerateBusiness Case Study: The German company Wisag needed a help-desk solution. They implemented SharePoint and KwizCom's List Forms Extension Feature and gained field level security.

Wisag ( is one of Germany’s top one-stop solution providers for facility management with over 40 years of experience. Their service portfolio encompasses everything from cleaning and security to electrical engineering and building maintenance. It is essential to ensure short response timeframes for their customers ...

Room Manager for SharePoint by ACAR - Intuitive and Simple to Use

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review4 (Rating: 4 out of 5)

Have you been looking for a tool to help you manage your conference rooms in SharePoint? There are not a lot of 3rd party tools available and ACAR has created a tool that may keep others from jumping on this bandwagon.  ACAR describes the product this way: “Room Manager Suite for SharePoint is an easy to use room scheduling software solution for SharePoint. It is simple and powerful.  Consists of a set of web parts which makes room reservation simple for end users.”

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