Working with EPiServer 7 CMS? New Connector Allows Seamless Integration with SharePoint

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New EPiServer Connect for SharePoint product integrates SharePoint 2013, 2010 and/or 2007 with EPiServer 7 CMS to allow business users to bring their SharePoint assets to the web. With this connector, marketers can leverage SharePoint capabilities to optimize and streamline enterprise content management efforts and convert internal collaboration into online marketing results.

Leveraging Sharepoint Assets

Using EPiServer 7 CMS, marketers can already achieve maximum impact by managing content seamlessly across screens and channels. By incorporating EPiServer Connect for SharePoint, users can automatically publish from their SharePoint collaboration platform and have content shared via social channels. The standard connector, which allows users to edit SharePoint content in EPiServer or SharePoint, enables effective utilization of the information already embedded within SharePoint and ensures that EPiServer 7 CMS provides an impactful online customer experience. By serving the right content to the right people in the right context, customers are receiving a consistent experience across touch points and marketers are experiencing increased engagement and improved results. 

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Optimizing SharePoint Content Through Analytics Insights

In addition to publishing collaborative assets, EPiServer Connect for SharePoint will allow users to gain valuable insight into how their SharePoint content is performing through A/B and multivariate testing, so that they can continuously improve results. With the ability to see real-time analytics, marketers can use this information to optimize the content instantly, increasing traffic and conversion rates as well as the effectiveness of personalization and social sharing strategies.

EPiServer Connect for SharePoint is available immediately

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