HiSoftware's New Product for Mobile Collaboration Secures Content at the Document Level

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The explosion of bring-your-own device (BYOD) policies in companies offers the promise of increased productivity for contributors and managers. HiSoftware released its new product - HiSoftware Sheriff Workspace Mobile - extending the company’s SharePoint solutions suite to bring secure collaboration on iPads and other mobile devices.

Gartner predicts that 80 percent of businesses will support tablet computers, like the iPad, across their enterprise in 2013. With SharePoint rapidly becoming the collaborative content management system of choice, it is inevitable that SharePoint content will appear on iPads. No matter the access point for enterprise content, it must remain secure and accessible only to authorized personnel. For example, what happens if an iPad is stolen? How do you control managers using company confidential documents on iPads, while still allowing them to share other unclassified documents? When access permissions to a confidential document are changed in SharePoint, will the file be removed from the users’ iPad?

HiSoftware Sheriff Workspace Mobile allows organization to secure sensitive content at the document level, such as board documents, financials and M&A information, without hindering collaboration and maximizing SharePoint investment. By extending the same policy controls, tracking, content restrictions found in the native SharePoint environment to the iPad, organizations can mitigate mobile risk more effectively to prevent unauthorized distribution of information and damaging information breaches.

Users can work online or offline and all of their activities are tracked and stored in the audit trail. Policy officers can see if and when a confidential document has been read or emailed, and by whom, in the event of a breach or a regulatory audit.

Visit HiSoftware website to learn more.

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