SPTechCon Boston 2010 and the Birth of Conference Reviews

Written by Mike Ferrara. Posted in Editors' Thoughts

Another SPTechCon Boston is in the books, and I’m happy to report that attendance more than doubled since last June! The bi-annual conference is held once in San Francisco and once in Boston, and it is certainly turning into one of the more popular SharePoint conferences on the circuit. The only downside to the large increase in attendees is the fact that the venue was overcrowded. That will be addressed next June as the conference will move to another hotel that can suit the bigger crowd. But I look at overcrowding as a good thing, as the show is gaining momentum!

So what about the overall vibe of the conference? And what about the quality of sessions provided and the overall experience as an attendee? This is a question that is always asked of me. And it’s honestly a very difficult one to answer. I personally would recommend several conferences, and they would probably be all for the same reasons. I am fortunate to have many friends in the community, whom I enjoy spending time with while I’m there. That’s a big factor for me, but it’s probably not for someone looking to learn about SharePoint. I also have the goal of meeting with vendors to see what new things they are doing, which may not be something that interests a newcomer either. And it struck me that my opinion of the show is not really what matters. Why write a post about it, when what we really are concerned with is YOUR opinions?

Conference Reviews

To remedy this, we’ve decided to dedicate a new section of the site specifically for SharePoint conference reviews. We’re still mulling over all of the details, but our goal is to allow you to rate SPTechCon Boston 2010 very soon. The process will be as simple and straightforward as rating a product is, except conference reviews will be completely anonymous. We aren’t looking for names; we’re looking for honest opinions without fear of reprisal. Let’s face it. Every conference can improve. Here’s your chance to voice yourself regardless of the experience you had.

The Point

Our goal for this project is to ultimately help foster a better relationship amongst attendees and conference organizers. It costs a lot of money to attend one of these shows, so we want to see what the true value is for attending. This is a win-win scenario. Good reviews help point people to the right resources, and bad reviews help steer resources toward the right goals. That is the focus of this site, and it will remain that way for conference reviews.


Other than participating in the actual review process that will come soon, there’s still time to submit your comments and suggestions on how to go about doing this in the best way. Our methods are here to promote end user acceptance, so we need your guidance most of all. You can simply comment on this post if you have something to share.

Details on rating SPTechCon Boston 2010 and future conferences will drop soon. Stay tuned to this space for more info.

Mike Ferrara
Author: Mike FerraraWebsite: http://www.hyperiongp.com
Mike Ferrara has over 12 years of experience with information systems integration, and specializes in Enterprise Content Management on SharePoint. Mike has a deep understanding of legal technology and how it interfaces with digital content.


# Mike Ferrara 2010-10-27 15:09
Agreed. I think we will also list SharePoint Saturdays as well. Even though they are free events, I still think there is value in knowing if the event was run effectively.
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# Inna Gordin 2010-10-27 14:56
Hey Richard, you make a great point. We'll try to set certain requirements that would need to be satisfied in order to be listed, such as Dedicated SharePoint track, or certain number of sessions.... open to your suggestions.
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# Richard Harbridge 2010-10-26 17:48
Awesome idea. However what about Conferences that aren't SharePoint only? Such as ECM, RM, WCM, and Developer Conferences with just a SharePoint track?

Would these also be reviewed on your site?
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# Mike Ferrara 2010-10-26 16:03
Hey Fabian,

Yes, we should have it ready before then. I'd really like people to rate this 2010 Boston conference too even though it's already past.

The goal is that by the beginning of year, we will have all of the kinks worked out on the best way to achieve this. Part of this is gauging conferences on the right metrics, so we have something of value to report.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.
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# Fabian Williams 2010-10-26 14:53
will the rating system be ready by SPTechCon San Fran next year which is before the boston event?
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