Workshop Review: Achieving the Application Lifecycle Management Dream in SharePoint, Presented by Jeremy Thake and Randy Williams

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review3  Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars, Reviewed by Bjørn Furuknap at the European SharePoint Conference

Jeremy Thake teamed with Randy Williams to talk about a set of problems that many developers and projects face related to application lifecycle management (ALM).

Jeremy is a very charismatic presenter who can enthrall a room with his childlike charm and soothing voice. I’ve seen him present several times and I’m always impressed with his ability to present a topic in a way that makes it easy to understand.

In the part of the workshop where I attended, the attention was solely focused on Visual Studio 2012 and apparently, how Jeremy’s employer uses the ALM features of VS2012.

Although I didn’t have the chance to attend the other parts of the workshop, I did find this section a bit strange. First, I didn’t quite understand the sidekick element of this, because Jeremy was clearly the only one who did any kind of presentation. Randy was there and had a couple of contrived points and questions that Jeremy answered, but overall, I don’t see why the duo couldn’t just have been a solo performance. Perhaps Randy had more attention in other parts of the workshop.

Second, I’m not all that convinced the topic was covered in a way that brought real value to users. The focus of this part was solely on Visual Studio 2012 and not on ALM in general, and comments about other tools were either ignored or answered with little detail. Unless you use Visual Studio 2012 and in the way Jeremy prescribed, I’m not sure you’d get that much value from the presentation.

Finally, and this of course is solely a personal opinion, I like presenters that can add a bit of humor in their presentations, and Jeremy certainly does this in other presentations I’ve seen him deliver. However, perhaps due to the topic being somewhat dry, there was little in this presentation that made me want to smile. It seemed more like a company meeting than an engaging presentation.

Overall, I’m a bit disappointed because I’ve seen Jeremy delivery so much more and better.

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