Workshop Review: Create an End User Adoption Strategy, Presented by Erica Toelle

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review4  Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars, Reviewed by Bjørn Furuknap at the European SharePoint Conference

I’m normally not particularly fond of attending business user oriented sessions. The topic doesn’t interest me too much and it’s usually too much death-by-PowerPoint. I made an exception, though, because it’s the first chance I’ve had to watch Erica present.

Erica did have PowerPoint only, but she managed to make them interesting and informative by having a clear pattern to how she organized her slides and making it very clear what the various concepts were right from the start. Further, rather than simply reading the slides, she explained their meaning and gave practical examples of how to implement the practices taught.

On a slightly negative note, although I appreciate the need to cover lots of material, I think the pace was a bit quick and Erica was talking really fast. I tried to keep up with live tweets, and noticed that by the time I had completed a 140 character tweet, Erica had already moved far along into the next section and I had to catch up quickly to not miss anything.

Further, and since the slides were very important in the presentation, I’d like to see less content on the slides. Some of the slides were completely illegible, and other still hard to read, even while sitting at the front row. Dividing content into multiple slides would have made it easier to see what was going on.

Overall, though, it was a great presentation and I hope to see Erica present again.

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