Visit us during Microsoft’s SharePoint Conference 2009 in Las Vegas

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In just a few short days, SharePoint Conference 2009 (SPC09) will finally be upon us. Not only is this the biggest and most important SharePoint conference on the calendar, but this year's conference signifies the lifting of that pesky SharePoint 2010 NDA. We've all been salivating at the tidbits of information and screenshots that have been shared so far by Microsoft, so next week will be a bit overwhelming. The conference recently sold out, and there will be an expected 7,000+ attendees crammed onto the strip! If you've got an "STSADM rules!" coffee mug or a 12 hive shortcut on your desktop, then you're probably going to be at this conference.

With the massive amount of information that will be available during the conference, Mark Miller from (EUSP) will once again be offering a platform for live blogging. During the Best Practices Conference a couple of months ago, many of us were able to live-blog the sessions for those that were not able to make it. This year will be no different except that Mark's got over 150 people signed up to blog! If you can't make the conference, then make sure you stay glued to his site and twitter. The appropriate hashtag for the conference is #spc09, so make sure you're following it. As usual I will be taking photos and video and posting them on our flickr and youtube feeds, respectively.

If you were lucky enough to grab a conference pass, then please add us to your list of people to meet. Inna Gordin and I will be all over Mandalay during the conference, so please DM us on twitter (@mikecferrara, @innagordin) if you'd like to meet up. If you're looking for extracurricular activities while you're out there, then check out the activities signup page below on EUSP. There's plenty to choose from there, but I'm going to rep the event that I will most definitely be at, #ShareMNF! If you're a football fan, then join Matt Gowin and I at the Hard Rock Casino at 5:30PM PST for Monday Night Football. Although the "official" SharePint event will be held on Sunday night, there will be many a SharePointer sharing a pint every other night during the conference. ShareMNF will be no different!

All the relevant links for the conference can be found below. We hope to see you there!

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