Didn’t Make it to Vegas for the SharePoint Conference? Dress Warm and Visit Copenhagen

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The European SharePoint Conference in Copenhagen, in early February 2013, will host a group of inspirational keynote speakers to discuss and analyse SharePoint 2013. If you didn’t make Vegas, this event is the perfect forum to review and test-drive the new features of SharePoint 2013, under the guidance of the most experienced professionals.  SharePoint 2013 features strongly in the overall program, covering Search, Apps, Social, Cloud, Project, Migration & Upgrade, Governance and much more.

White Paper Review: “Keep SharePoint Fast and Your Users Happy - The SharePoint Troubleshooting Guide”

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Earlier this month Idera published a white paper titled "Keep SharePoint Fast and Your Users Happy - The SharePoint Troubleshooting Guide", written by John Ferringer, a Senior Manager with Sogeti, LLC.  John has over eight years of experience administering and supporting SharePoint technologies and, as he states in this white paper, has "never seen the same problem twice". While this may be the case, John promises a troubleshooting solution to any SharePoint problem that you may encounter, making a clever analogy to my favorite TV personality, Dr. Gregory House. It looked very interesting, but is it really worth your time? I couldn't help but share a few thoughts.

Redmond’s Inaugural Third-Party All-Star Awards Honor a Few SharePoint ISVs

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Redmond magazine, the leading independent publication for the Microsoft IT community, released its first third-party all-star awards honoring 21 of the best vendors. These companies invent solutions for deployment and management of core Microsoft technologies. VMware took the platinum vendor of the year award, but LinkTek and Metalogix have been recognized for their innovations in the SharePoint space, alongside Quest, for more extensive Microsoft-based technology support. Here is a quick overview.

My Secret Weapon for SharePoint Project Roll Outs and New Employee Ramp Up (End-User's Point of View)

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SPShep2010FCoverFor the record, I am not a developer or a SharePoint administrator. I am an end user. Perhaps I could consider myself a bit more than that - a “power user”, maybe. Definitely a line of business owner. I think of myself as a key decision maker in an organization, when it comes to business solutions based on SharePoint. I have substantial influence over the tools we use for sales and marketing, both internally and externally.

Save Time with This New Product that Lets You Automatically Generate Documentation for Your SharePoint Farm

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Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint is the first SharePoint add-on on the market that automatically documents all your SharePoint farm settings into a single document.

The primary use of the Documentation Toolkit for SharePoint is streightforward – automatically documenting all of SharePoint farm configuration settings into a single, properly formatted and structured Microsoft Word document. Farm configuration settings can also be viewed through the software interface without exporting them to a document, providing all relevant setting information in one place instead of having it spread out over different solutions.

Do You Agree with Windows IT Pro Editors' Best Award Winners in the SharePoint Category?

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Every year Windows IT Pro Magazine’s Editors validate products and services worthy of their Editors’ Best and, based on their readers votes, Community Choice awards. For the Community Choice awards the editorial team asks the community to nominate their favorite products and then release a voting survey to let everyone participate in the final voting phase.  Fair enough. Certainly, we trust the professional opinion of Windows IT Pro Editors, but here is your chance to share your opinion with the SharePoint Reviews readers as well.

KM World’s Trend-Setting Products of 2011 – Congratulations to all Winners!

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Every year, since 2003, KM World releases the list of trend-setting products for knowledge management. Initially organized into product categories, now it’s a flat ‘Knowledge Management’ list of products (and companies) that includes a broad spectrum of capabilities. Knowledge management isn't an application - it’s an approach to delivering the right information to the right people throughout the entire population of users. It includes Web and enterprise content management systems, enterprise search, document management tools, etc.

We Are Looking for Expert Contributors to Share Their Knowledge

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SharePointReviews.com is looking for expert contributors. If you have experience in deploying various SharePoint-bases solutions and would like to share some of your ideas and content, your article and bio will be published on the site and shared with thousands of readers. Your articles will also be included in our newsletter.

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