Andy Dale's SharePoint Award Winners 2010

Written by Andy Dale. Posted in Editors' Thoughts

All the votes have been counted and four SharePoint experts from around the globe have awarded their scores. Just to clarify the scoring system follows the Strictly Come Dancing format. The first half of the score comes from the votes cast on website (amazingly over 6000 unique votes were cast). The finalist who received the highest number of votes in each category was given 5 points, then second highest got 4 and so on.

SPTechCon San Francisco - Recap

Written by Mike Ferrara. Posted in Editors' Thoughts

Rather than bore you with a long-winded recap of the conference, I’m giving you a short and sweet highlight of what I thought was important. And since I’m a huge fan of top 10s, 8s or anything “top”, that’s pretty much what I’ve provided here. You’ve probably heard a lot of this stuff already, like I have, but there have been some newer things that were talked about since the public beta was released. And it never hurts to re-read things regarding SharePoint 2010, as it can be quite difficult to remember everything.

BA-Insight's Connectors Now Fully Support the FAST Platform

Written by SharePoint Reviews Team. Posted in SharePoint Product News

BA-Insight's Connectors for FAST provide instant access to information contained within all enterprise systems via a search interface while fully honoring the native security in the connected system. The Connector framework provides security mapping capabilities, which support both Microsoft Active Directory and Native mapped security and two tiers of security checking - at index time, and real time re-checking. This combination of layering security ensures that each system's security is honored without having to sacrifice scalability.

BA-Insight's FAST connectors are immediately available.  Visit BA-Insight Website

Bamboo Releases Calendar Plus Web Part 3.3

Written by SharePoint Reviews Team. Posted in SharePoint Product News

Calendar Plus Web Part v 3.3 was recently released by Bamboo Solutions and contains the following enhancements:

  • Double-click a date or time cell in ANY view to create a new item for that date or time (works with SharePoint Calendar lists only).
  • Set the milestone date from the dropdown selection (Modified, Created, Start Date, End date) instead of automatically setting the date as the Start Date ...

New Migration Manager for MCMS 2002 by Metalogix

Written by SharePoint Reviews Team. Posted in SharePoint Product News

new-product Newly released Metalogix Migration Manager for MCMS 2002 simplifies and accelerates the migration of MCMS 2002 (Microsoft Content Management Server 2002) content to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007. This product analyzes existing MCMS implementations, selectively migrates content, whether a single page or an entire channel hierarchy, maintains an existing structure or adopt a brand new SharePoint site structure, and takes advantage of both new and custom page layouts.
Learn more:
Visit vendor website to download a free trial | View product listing

Learn more:

Presently Brings SharePoint Integration to Business Collaboration Tool

Written by SharePoint Reviews Team. Posted in SharePoint Product News

new-product Presently, the enterprise microblogging platform developed by Intridea, Inc., now offers the Presently SharePoint Web Part, a free and open-source component for Microsoft's SharePoint Enterprise Collaboration Platform. This Web part allows users to view and post updates to their company's microblogging network directly from within the SharePoint portal. When combined with Presently's behind-the-firewall enterprise installation options, companies can now securely and easily integrate microblogging into existing business processes.

Learn more: Read more about it on Intredea's company blog.

Vizit SP v2.0 Document Viewer for SharePoint Offers New Visual Search

Written by SharePoint Reviews Team. Posted in SharePoint Product News

By integrating fast document previewing in indexed and column-based search results, documents stored in SharePoint can be found faster, improving information worker productivity. Additional new capabilities include web-based scanning and page-manipulation, side-by-side document reviewing, support for more than 200 additional formats with a new rendition server, as well as various performance and feature improvements.

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