SharePoint Column/View Permission Gives Great Value for Your Money

Written by Kathryn Birstein. Posted in Security & Governance

SharePoint Column/View Permission, an add-on from BoostSolutions (formerly SharePointBoost), provides functionality that many SharePoint Admins sorely miss:  hidden/read-only columns in lists, hidden/read-only views, setting default views per user or group, etc.

The installation installs a "SharePointBoost Software" section in Central Administration which contains a "License Management Center" and a Site Collection level feature that adds two items to the list and document library settings pages:

Product Review: TITUS Metadata Security

Written by Joel Oleson. Posted in Security & Governance

Clearly one of the most challenging things in managing SharePoint is permissions.  Supporting SharePoint adoption requires trust in the platform, and in many cases, the out-of-the-box permissions management just doesn’t quite meet the needs.  In fact, in many environments it is poor governance and poor management practices that lead to security leaks that ultimately give SharePoint a bad name.  Failed deployments can be linked back to poor management practices as it leads to permissions, authentication, and security controls and the lack thereof.  The key to successful deployments is appropriate data governance.  Managing your assets means proper controls.  The reality of any out-of-the-box SharePoint deployment means applying permissions manually.  Applying permissions is manual, which is labor intensive when it’s centralized, and even when it is a delegated process, there is a lack of effective and consistent process for data governance.

Understanding Claims in SharePoint 2010

Posted in Security & Governance

At the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Anaheim, California back in October, there were several hot topics presented throughout the week. Among these were several sessions on claims and using claims in SharePoint 2010 for interesting security-related scenarios like authentication.  This topic is particularly important in the identity management space right now. For those who are just starting to learn about claims, this article will look at the basics and give you a foundation for the concept of claims, and how they can be used in various business and data governance scenarios.

2012 is the Year for SharePoint Governance

Posted in Security & Governance

In 2012, governance is a hot topic in SharePoint. New adopters may wonder what all the fuss is about, but, as SharePoint continues to see double digit growth year after year, all those new users surging onto the platform will require care, channeling, guidance, and oversight. Governance can take many different forms; but, at its most elemental level, governance is really guidance.  It not only keeps things on track, but it is an essential response to widespread adoption and a necessary component for fostering sustained growth and usage.

As you might expect, there are many competing definitions of governance. I’ve heard antivirus software described as governance. I’ve also heard site provisioning workflows described as governance. Establishing and sustaining governance programs is twice as hard if you can’t get agreement on what governance means ...

Managing SharePoint Security & Permissions: DeliverPoint or Quest Site Administrator?

Written by Kathryn Birstein. Posted in Security & Governance

SharePoint Product Review & Comparison

Anyone who users SharePoint knows that security is one of its greatest strengths but also one of its greatest weaknesses. Its strength lays in its ability to interface with Active Directory and allow almost all SharePoint objects, sites, libraries, lists, items, documents, folders, etc., to have unique permissions. Its weakness lays in the way it SharePoint displays SharePoint permissions to you.

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