Product Review: Mobilizing the Enterprise with mobile

Written by Ron Charity. Posted in Social & Mobile Workplace

The corporate workplace has become a diverse mobile device environment mainly driven by the growing number of mobile professionals and demand for newer devices with improved user interface, applications, speed and cool factor. Core to this demand is employee mobility and the expectation for anywhere and anytime access to information, people, applications and communications to support increased demand for productivity and customer responsiveness.

7 Considerations for Mobilizing Your Workforce: Building a Technology Program for Success

Written by Ron Charity. Posted in Social & Mobile Workplace

Companies are mobilizing their workforce to better serve clients. As a result, the corporate office space is being adjusted for touchdown type work activities, which include quick meetings, planning the day and doing paperwork such as expenses. While on the road, airports, hotels and the local coffee shops have become regular work and meeting locations. To be successful in this new work style, mobile professionals must have access to key applications, information and contacts.

In this article, Ron Charity explains key considerations and options, and how to build a roadmap for mobilizing your workforce from a cultural, office and technology perspective.

5 Popular SharePoint Apps for iPad and iPhone

Written by Ron Charity. Posted in Social & Mobile Workplace

When enabling your mobile workforce, the right applications will ensure user productivity. Consider off the shelf applications for usage scenarios where your staff requires access to SharePoint content.  

A variety of options are available for accessing Microsoft SharePoint on the iPad. Using the native iPad browser provides a surprisingly decent, though not perfect (e.g. can’t upload documents), SharePoint browsing experience. However, this solution is not tested by Microsoft and the Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog explains the cause for incompatibility.

Social Squared by Lightning Tools: Fully featured and Well Done Forums Tool

Written by John Chapman. Posted in Social & Mobile Workplace

review5 (Rating: 5 out of 5)

Social Squared by Lightning Tools is a wonderful product. It is easy to use, manage, setup, and apply updates. I have also had great interactions with their customer service folks and they are top notch. The only con to this product is no built-in SharePoint Search integration. Searching the forums requires the user to go to the Forum and use the search function there, the SharePoint Search indexer does not see the forum content.

Buying Guide: Top 10 Requirements for Offline SharePoint Access

Written by Inna Gordin. Posted in Social & Mobile Workplace

Client-to-server replication delivers immediate access to SharePoint sites by caching content locally on laptops and PCs. Caching improves user productivity by delivering a consistent SharePoint experience whether information workers are on or off the network and regardless of slow (LAN or WAN) networks performance. In addition to instant access, information workers also benefit from improved usability. Desktop software supports functionality that is not possible with typical web-based applications. For example, users can easily drag-and-drop content and right-click to quickly perform operations.

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