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Longitude is a significant enhancement to Sharepoi

As a law firm that works with long legal documents, often in PDF format, we wanted a way to improve the functionality of Sharepoint search results. While Sharepoint's search engine is fast, the need to click on a result and wait for the file to open before seeing it was burdensome to our users. Longitude solved this problem elegantly. The SVG preview files come up instantly in the browser and you can jump right to the relevant page from the Longitude search results. So let's say that in a 100 page legal brief, the key term you are looking for is on pages 10, 45 and 90. Now, with three quick clicks the attorneys can jump to those pages and see them in the preview before deciding to open the document - shaving many seconds of time off the process. With regular Sharepoint, you'd have to open the document (which can take a while if the file is large), then use the search feature in Word or Acrobat to try and find the term again - a slow process that is not nearly as intuitive.

Longitude also provides an excellent faceted search feature as part of its UI that is well designed and customizable.

Another neat feature is that when a certain document is looked at frequently, Longitude tracks this in its database and adds stars to it, increasing the document's relevance. This feature tells users that this document has been looked at or downloaded by other users.

The company was very responsive and worked closely with us to ensure that our questions were met. Customer service has been excellent.

BA-Insight Longitude allowed us to dramatically extend the functionality of OOTB Sharepoint search without the need to replace the search engine with a far more complex and expensive product.

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Document Previews including the ability to jump to the relevant pages where the key words are found, Strong Faceted Search, well designed UI.
No hit highlighting with scanned PDF's, the preview (SVG) files are not compressed for scanned Acrobat files. (They are for Office files.) When dealing with millions of documents, your database can get very large. No end user tagging feature. (This has been promised in future release.)
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