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Longitude has provided the bridge for the users

As a global organization implementing a standard compliant document and record management solution for a variety of client teams it was important that we provided client teams with a consistent and superior search experience to accommodate different teams and deparment taxonomies. The search experience would need to provide value to the organization as it changed from a traditional network share file storage to SharePoint. Additionally, the Search Product needed to have the flexibility change properties users would be able to do faceted search as our business changed without endless customizations and regression testing. We find that the using Longitude Webparts, cuts down on our configuration, testing and deployment time.

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Great faceted search - it provides the ability for the users to more easily broaden or narrow search results. Previews of documents are a great feature. Users rave about the ability edit properties and go to file location from search results. SharePoint Administrators find the tool easy to install and configure.
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