Enterprise Security Reporter for SharePoint by ScriptLogic

Enterprise Security Reporter for SharePoint by ScriptLogic

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Enterprise Security Reporter for SharePoint by ScriptLogic

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Enterprise Security Reporter for SharePoint discovers, analyzes and reports on SharePoint site collection and document security and ownership, including group membership details.


  • SharePoint Analysis
    Report on security and configuration of SharePoint sites, users, document ownership, permissions and document modifications.
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    Contains over 25 different reports dedicated to SharePoint security.
  • Automated Reporting
    Schedule network discoveries to keep an up to date view of security on the network, then configure and schedule reports to be emailed or sent to a shared folder.
  • Agent-less Discovery
    Discover security settings across the network without deploying agents. ESR’s agent-less discovery approach is less intrusive and provides business value faster than agent-based reporting solutions.
  • Snapshot Comparisons
    Allows administrators to select two discovery snapshots and report on the differences, highlighting the security changes made to file systems, registries, shares, Active Directory and more.
  • Point-in-time historical reporting
    Because each discovery of an object creates a full “snapshot” of the state of the object at that point in time, you can easily generate reports on the historical state of an object for any discovery set.
  • Compliance Adherence
    Comply with assessment mandates from an external audit or an internal directive with reports dedicated to specific legislative standards such as HIPAA, SOX, and PCI.
  • Custom Reports
    Customize any of the pre-configured reports to meet specific needs, or build all new reports easily using an intuitive wizard-based report engine.
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting
    Quickly view and sort through data with an intuitive query builder utility. Results can be exported directly or imported into the report designer to easily create new reports for specific data.

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