Virtual Identity Server for SharePoint by Optimal IdM

Virtual Identity Server for SharePoint by Optimal IdM

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Virtual Identity Server for SharePoint by Optimal IdM

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Virtual Identity Server for SharePoint (VIS for SharePoint) is the world's only Microsoft-centric LDAP Virtual Directory and LDAP Proxy Server specifically for SharePoint (2007/2010). VIS for SharePoint can be leveraged by SharePoint to provide ALL identities and security groups that would normally have to come from Active Directory. Users and Groups can exist in one or more backend data stores for Authentication and Authorization into SharePoint.

VIS for SharePoint provides a solution that extends SharePoint's functionality, enabling organizations to effectively deploy and maintain SharePoint in a secure, manageable fashion that saves time and greatly reduces the total cost of administration.

Supported Data Stores:

  • Active Directory
  • ADAM
  • AD-LDS
  • eDirectory
  • Open LDAP
  • Oracle OID
  • RedHat LDAP
  • Sun LDAP
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle Database


  • Multi-forest user/group repository deployments
  • Multi-repository user/group deployments
  • Extensible Single Sign On (SSO) Authentication Framework
  • Seamless Cross-forest Windows Authentication Module without trusts
  • Single Point of Administration
  • Enhanced Authorization & Content Management
  • Dynamic Role Based Access Control (SharePoint permissions based on data about the user)
  • Comprehensive Audit, Compliance & Reporting


  • Eliminates Deployment Barriers
  • Reduces Administration Costs (by up to 80%)
  • Gain Compliance and Governance
  • Leverages and extends the existing investment in the Microsoft Platform

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5.0  (1)
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Forms based authentication at its best

If your user base is not in Active Directory, and you need them to have access to SharePoint, this is the best utility on the market. It is very flexible and the team at Optimal are always adding improvements.

Product Reviews

Allows you to take user accounts from multiple backends such as multiple backend driectories, such as AD, LDAP, and SQL and merge them together to appear as one directory. Now your users can have a single sign on point in SharePoint. No need to maintain multiple URLs for different user bases, and no need for complicated setups such as ADFS.
Every con has been worked out by the support group at Optimal. They are extremely helpful.
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