Grants Management Solution Accelerator by Bamboo Solutions

Grants Management Solution Accelerator by Bamboo Solutions

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Grants Management Solution Accelerator by Bamboo Solutions

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The Grants Management Solutions Accelerator helps organizations manage multiple grants from different funding organizations and keep track of how much money is left for each, when it needs to be spent, what reports have been submitted, or when each grant period starts and ends. It helps organizations to manage staff assignments, budget information, and events and tasks across grants.

The Grants Management Solution Accelerator lets you quickly set up and configure a SharePoint portal that allows you to:

  • Use management views that:
    • Aggregate funding information from each grant so that, at a glance, you see the funding levels for each grant summarized to give you a clear picture of the total funding picture across all your grants.
    • Aggregate information about events scheduled across all your grants and display them in a calendar so you can easily see what iss happening this week or this month.
    • Aggregate other information such as issues, tasks and contacts so you can see everything in one easy-to-read view.
  • Access a subsite for each grant, where you store grant-specific information such as contacts, documents, tasks, issues, events and budget/expense information for that specific grant project. The information stored in the subsite is displayed in the management views described above. Security can be applied to the grant project site so that only the appropriate team members can add or edit information.
  • Push information out of the system via e-mail alerts so that your team is reminded when important tasks are due—before their due date.
  • Create a subsite for grant opportunities as you prepare the application to serve as a central, secure repository for your team. When the grant is awarded, your subsite already exists and is ready to use.

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