eSCRIBE for SharePoint 2010

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eSCRIBE for SharePoint 2010

eSCRIBE is a commercially available comprehensive paperless board, committee and departmental integrated meeting management solution built exclusively for SharePoint 2010 collaboration and business integration platform and the Office Client productivity suite.

eSCRIBE is available as either an onsite or cloud based solution, and it provides robust user configurable meeting management engine and award winning SharePoint integration. With eSCRIBE meeting results can be easily published to the web at the push of the button, indexed to video and audio if available; all in accordance with evolving accessibility legislation.

eSCRIBE has been designed to be integrated seamlessly into organization's overall document management environment and is built around Central Meeting Portal Sites from which administrators can predefine comprehensive meeting templates, schedule, prepare and publish agendas, conduct and record the results of their custom eSCRIBE meetings. Additionally, its flexible n-Tier architecture allows for any number of Portal Sites to be linked together making it easy to route agenda items through any number of staff, committee or management meeting and approval stages prior to their final submission to the board.

Key Features:

  • 100% "User" configurable meeting templates
  • Full lifecycle meeting management support (administrators, participants, staff)
  • Comprehensive legislative support (aligns with Roberts Rules of Order )
  • Personalized Web/iPAD participant portals
  • Integrated on-line participant voting
  • 2-Tier task and action log management
  • Award winning SharePoint and Office integration
  • Onsite or Cloud based implementations

eSCRIBE does much more than just assist with the build-up of meeting agendas, it's a complete governance and management solution aligned with Roberts Rules of Order, providing procedural support during the meeting including roll calls, audited voting on motions and amendments, right through to the automatic generation of detailed minutes and the management of the myriad of action items and follow up tasks generated during the meeting process.

eSCRIBE also provides access for each elected official through a personalized online Participants Portal. From this entry point, each meeting participant can browse upcoming meeting agendas, easily access all related reports and supporting information, record personal comments and follow-up notes and search through previous reports and agenda items using eSCRIBE's enhanced search capabilities all without the need to ever print a piece of paper.

With eSCRIBE all information is available online to whoever needs it when they need it, through security trimmed portals, giving it great appeal for governing bodies looking to make a green environmental statement.

In addition to providing much needed efficiency, quality and transparency, eSCRIBE automates approval and distribution of reports, agendas and minutes virtually eliminating the need to print any paper; a drastic change from most current procedures which are heavily dependent on manual, paper based processes for reports and meeting functions.

eSCRIBE will be of particular interest to corporate council and board administrators who are responsible for corporate governance and management of meeting agendas, voting, minute publishing and action item management.


  • Administrator Modules
    • Meeting Manager
    • Report Manager
    • Video Manager
    • Web Publishing
    • Report Centre
    • Desktop (Client) Printing
  • Participant Modules
    • Web Access
    • iPAD (Dedicated)
    • Vote Manager
  • Other Modules
    • Meeting Manager Performance
    • Print Manager Performance
    • Forms Authentication

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