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Advanced SharePoint Bootcamp, don't waste your tim

In May of 2010 I took the Advanced SharePoint Bootcamp – 2007 course taught by Dustin Miller, who I believe is also the CEO of the company. I have been trying unsuccessfully since then to get a refund because of the poor quality of the course. Here are my main complaints:

The course details did not arrive as promised, but were sent out the day before the class.

Every class was started late.

There was no conference line. Students could participate orally only if they had a microphone. Otherwise, our communication was in the form of chats. Without much interaction the instructor tended to do a lot of rambling.

There were no hands-on activities. Everything was just watching him do things on the screen.

There was no training manual provide ... just a set of PowerPoint presentations.

Neither the instructor nor the environment were prepared. I lost count of how many times the instructor apologized to us. He even had promised to make it up to us with some extra sessions .... I am still waiting for the invitation to that.

He asked us for "stump the instructor" requests. I submitted a real life situtation and Dustin never responded. I had also asked other questions via e-mail that never got answered.

I was very surprised at the low quality of the class. I know that Heather Tuggle is part of that organization and I am a big fan of her blog about SharePoint. So maybe there are some good instructors there. But I won't be spending my company's money to find out.


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Advanced SharePoint Bootcamp – 2007
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