Envision IT Custom 404 for SharePoint

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Envision IT Custom 404 for SharePoint

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The Envision IT Custom 404 feature allows you to easily redirect old or incorrect URLs on your SharePoint site to a variety of target pages.

Custom 404 lets you avoid losing web customers because of old or invalid URLs. It ensure site visitors continue to find what they’re looking for when:

  • Your newly re-launched public SharePoint website has inbound links from other sites pointing to now invalid URLs on the old site
  • Bookmarked pages have changed
  • Site visitors mistype your URL in their browser

The last thing you want users experiencing while navigating through your site is getting a 404 error page when they visit. These errors heighten bounce rates and compromise search engine optimization (SEO) on a site. The Envision IT Custom 404 feature offers redirects for:

  • Exact Match - redirects visitors from an old URL to the matching new one
  • Starts With - redirects visitors from a particular part of your site to a specific page
  • Contains Match - selects common keywords in a bad URL and redirects users to the related page
  • Mistype - redirects visitors to a page that invites them to search again or suggests alternates when they mistype a URL

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