Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant 2010 by PremierPoint Solutions

Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant 2010 by PremierPoint Solutions

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Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant 2010 by PremierPoint Solutions

SharePoint Site Provisioning and Governance Assistant for SharePoint 2010 (SPGA 2010) provides a simple and consistent method (governance) for creating and configuring (provisioning) new SharePoint 2010 sites.

Administrators create Request Profiles with all the appropriate settings “baked” in. Users then select the appropriate Request Profile and fill out a short request form, which sets into motion the provisioning process. Workflows can be used to automate provisioning and approvals. The result is every site, every time, is provisioned just the way you want it – uniformly and automatically.

Users are happy because their site requests are being handled quickly and efficiently; administrators are happy because order is maintained, chaos eliminated and their workload reduced. If you have a lot of sites to provision and want to save time and money, SPGA 2010 is your new best friend.

SPGA gives you total control over SharePoint 2010 site provisioning, allowing you to:

Maintain the integrity of your organization’s SharePoint 2010 taxonomy

Enforce governance policies

“Bake” exactly what you want into your SharePoint 2010 site request profile

  • Keep your organization’s look and feel consistent throughout
  • Prevent random deviations from company site standards

Provide users with an easy way to request SharePoint sites or groups of site

Specify different site request profiles for different sites or groups of site

Automate your organization's approval process for requesting new SharePoint site

  • Sites are approved and created much more quickly
  • Custom workflows can automate the approval of requested sites
  • IT’s workload is reduced, and bottlenecks are eliminated
  • No more wondering if company standards are being adhered to

Monitor and track site request.


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Are You Still Creating Site Collectoni Using Centr

Manually provisioning each site took me an average of 4-8 hours. The amount of time I spent per site with SPA was reduced to between a half-hour to an hour. The automated process, which is similar to online banking, is like going through a wizard now.

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End User Driven
Authorized Personal Simply click Approve and the Site Collection is created based your the definition of the profile.
Can be used for Site Collections and Sites
Supports Creating Site Collection in a separate content database
No Premier Support, Limited Hours of Operation.
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for SharePoint 2007
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